About Us

X-beta accelerates user driven product development through early user acquisition by providing startups with form/function based feedback from our community of betas (users).


It offers you the ability to be ahead of the technology curve and take advantage of new capabilities that do not yet exist in the market.

Be The First

There is nothing far better than being the first among your friends to use the latest product.

Be a Part

Stop waiting for other people to decide for you. Contribute to the quality and functionality of the product you love.

Be Recognised

X-beta gives you the opportunity to be a figure of reference in the latest products you get to test upon launch.

Be Selected

Stand-out from the crowd and gain exclusive access to focus groups in private company beta tests.

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Start-Up Services

Are you spending too much time testing your hypothesis or MVP, but getting less feedback or potential users?

Beta Testing

Carry out a beta test to continuously improve your product with real data from your primary customers.

Aquiring Early Adoptors

X-beta helps you gain the needed traction to turn your startup into a successful one.

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Postal address:

PO Box 2875
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


National University of Science and Technology
Office WB29, Administration Building
Gwanda Road And Cecil Ave
Ascot, Bulawayo


Phone Number: (+263) 713 652 952


Support: [email protected]

Enquiries: [email protected]